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Turabian video citation

On our Website submitted a general guide to the Turabian notes-bibliography style of citation, used most often by the History and Music Departments for online sources like books, images as well as print one, for instance newspapers, journal, magazines and so on. Its aim is to help you understand the kind of information you should be keeping track of as you research and to help you begin to create you bibliography. There are a number of other rules, suggestions, and allowances for creating your bibliography.

This version of the Turabian style uses two forms of citation: the footnote and the bibliography. As you cite information, you provide a footnote at the bottom of that page. You then collect all your citations at the end of your document in a bibliography. Free citation machine provides service for creating reference in Turabian format.

Nowadays the Internet provides a quick and convenient way to research various topics you might be studying. With a diverse range of media available on the Web, it might be difficult to work out how to cite your sources in your work, especially if, like online videos, they do not obviously fit into traditional citation styles. According to the University of British Columbia, the three most common citation styles are Chicago, MLA and Turabian. All three styles have guidelines for how to footnote online videos.

Creating a reference for Turabian online video within Turabian citation generator requires certain elements on source provided below:

  • Year;
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  • Website address;
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  • Accessed date;
  • Accessed month;
  • Accessed year.