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Turabian Citation Maker

What Is KingCitation Turabian Citation Maker?

KingCitation Turabian Citation Maker is an online bibliography creator that is easy and fast to use. The machine, along with the APA citation generator, MLA citation generator, and Chicago citation maker, helps students to complete their assignments with properly formatted sources. Feel free to use the Turabian Citation Maker whenever you need some help with citing works.

Citing Sources With Turabian Citation Maker

If it’s the first time when you use a machine online, don’t worry because it is not difficult to figure it out. At first, you’ll need to get the list of works that you have to cite. Then, check whether all of them have such details as the name of the author, the title of the work, and the year of publication.

When you have checked everything to ensure that all the needed details are there, the next step is to actually use the Turabian citation maker. To create a reference to your bibliography, choose the formatting style your professor or educational institution asked you to apply. You’ll see a form appear on the webpage where you have to fill in the information for a Turabian citation maker.

The details you will be required to fill in will differ based on what type of source you want to cite. However, the following are the most frequent ones:

  • the name of the work’s author;
  • the title of the work;
  • the year of publication of the source.

After you have inserted all the information into the form in Turabian citation maker, you will see a ‘Generate’ button at the end of the page. Press it to make a reference – you will see it appear in a box of text. You are now welcome to copy the reference and paste it to the last page of your paper.

After you create one reference, you can make more by taking the same steps. Turabian citation machine works in the same way for multiple sources but makes sure that you choose the right type of work every time you want to generate a new one. When you have the full list of sources ready for your bibliography, don’t forget to put them in alphabetical order according to the last name of the first author in each reference.

Formatting Guidelines & Examples

Similarly to any other format, Turabian citation maker has its own peculiarities in how the references should look like. These are concerned with the overall organization of the text in your assignment. When you use reference builder for this style, keep in mind such other details about the formatting:

  • margins have to be one inch long;
  • title and reference pages are separated;
  • the style has two forms, namely the ‘notes and bibliography’ and ‘author-date’ ones (more on these later).

Reference creator Turabian citation maker creates references to your bibliography but does not format your entire paper, so be sure to check whether everything is correct on your own.

Reference Page With Turabian Citation Maker

The Turabian citation maker creates your reference automatically based on different types of the works you want to cite. In some kinds of publications, particular details need to be mentioned while they can be omitted in other types of sources. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between how references of various publications look like to cite them correctly.

To make you more familiar with these dissimilarities, here are some examples of how Turabian citation maker works according to the source kind:

  • Print Books

Block, Jared. Book. 3rd ed. New York: Publisher, 2017.

  • E-books, PDF (or Other Format) Files

Block, Jared. Book. Ebook. 3rd ed. New York: Publisher, 2017.

  • Websites

Turabian, Format. “Turabian Citation Maker – Kingcitation”. Kingcitation.Com, Last modified 2019.

  • Journal Articles
  • in print

Brooks, James. “Article”. Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57.

(5 – volume, 19 – issue, 52-57 – pages)

  • online

Brooks, James. “Article”. Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57. doi:10.1111/111111.

  • Films

Director, Nancy. Film title. Film, 2017.

  • Videos

Username. Video title. Video, 2017.

  • Images

Balrose, Marie. Image Title. Image, 2018.

  • Songs

King, Larry. Song. Online. Los Angeles: Music label, 2014.

  • Lectures

Landen, Alison. “Title”. Presentation(/Lecture/Speech), Location, 2018.

In-Text Quotes

Although you note each of your sources in the bibliography at the end of your paper, you still have to identify where you use them when you write the paper. In other words, you have to insert the sources in the text as well to demonstrate how you synthesize knowledge for your assignment.

In Turabian citation maker style, the in-text quotes differ from other formatting styles. You don’t actually indicate the author in the text but leave number marks that lead the reader to the footnotes where you list the used source. As it has already been mentioned, there are two ways of how in-text quotes look like: ‘notes and bibliography’ and ‘author-date’ format.

As  ‘notes and bibliography’ is used more frequently, here are some examples of how the footnotes would look for sources of different kinds and with multiple authors:

A work made by one author:

Block, Jared. Book. 3rd ed. New York: Publisher, 2017.


KingCitation Turabian citation maker is just an essential tool for students.[1]


Jared Block, Book, 3rd ed. New York: Publisher, 2017.

A work made by two or three authors:

Brooks, James, and Bella Rose. “Article”. Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57. doi:10.1111/111111.


KingCitation Turabian citation maker is just an essential tool for students.[2]


James Brooks and Bella Rose, “Article”, Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57, doi:10.1111/111111.

A work made by four or more authors:

Brooks, James, Bella Rose, Jency Cloose, and Alison Broden. “Article”. Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57. doi:10.1111/111111.


KingCitation Turabian citation maker is just an “essential” tool for students.[3]


James Brooks et al., “Article”, Journal 5, no. 19 (2019): 52-57, doi:10.1111/111111.

As you can see, the footnotes are different from the entries of your bibliography. However, Turabian citation maker online can be a great helper. In addition, if you happen to use the same source twice or more times in a row, insert ‘Ibid.’ in every footnote beside the first one. The footnotes will appear at the bottom of every page where you have a corresponding reference in-text.

Citing sources without a reference builder tool can take you a lot of time. To help students complete their original bibliographies faster, Turabian citation maker creates reference online automatically.