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What Is A KingCitation MLA Citation Generator?

KingCitation MLA Citation Generator is a tool that creates references to complete your bibliography with a list of sources. The tool formats the references you use in your essay according to the Modern Language Association guidelines. You receive a full list of sources that just have to copy from the MLA citation maker online and paste into your assignment.

How You Use the KingCitation MLA Citation Generator

When you need to complete an assignment in a few hours, you don’t have the time to make an original list of sources on your own. Instead, you can use the tool that will help you to cite the works automatically. All you need is to find MLA citation generator online and fill in a form on the KingCitation website. Some of the details to know about the work you want to cite are the following:

  • type of the publication;
  • title of the paper;
  • the name of the author (or authors);
  • the year when the paper was published;
  • the number of pages of those parts that you used for our work only.

After you finish filling in the information in the MLA citation generator form, you just have to click the button at the bottom of the page. At this point, the tool has already created your reference and allows you to copy it from the text area and paste it to your paper. Now, you have made a reference in the MLA format and can insert it in your paper.

In case you need to cite more than one reference, you can add more works to MLA citation generator. For this, you have to repeat the same steps over and over until you cite all of your sources with the online tool. As a result, you get an entire list of sources in just several minutes automatically with KingCitation MLA citation generator.

Formatting Guidelines & Examples

When you have to format your paper in a particular style, you can use the MLA citation generator as a reference builder. But you should also be familiar with the specific details of citing works in this particular format.

There are some points that are the most critical guidelines to keep in mind when you write a paper in the format of the Modern Language Association. Here are some details on what your essay needs to look like:

  • double-spaced text;
  • one-inch margins;
  • title page not separated;
  • works cited page with a list of bibliography.

In addition, make sure that you don’t include the references from your list of sources into the total word count of the paper.

As for how the paper has to look like in terms of the use of space and text format, the page needs to start with particular lines. In the left top corner of the first page, put you first and last name. Below, in the same position, place the first and last name of your instructor or professor. The next line must indicate that the name of the course for which you write the assignment. The last line in this block has to contain the date of the assignment, preferably the one when you hand the paper in. After this, place the title of the paper centered. Now, you can start writing your paper as usual.

Reference Page Using MLA Citation Generator

Since there are different types of works that you may use for your bibliography, you need to know the peculiarities of citing each type of source. However, the MLA citation generator will do all the job for you and format the sources according to the various types of works you may use.

Next, you can find the kinds of works you’ll come across the most frequently when you look information for your assignment and the examples of references of such works.

  • Print Books

Block, Jared. Book. 3rd ed., Publisher, 2017.

  • E-books, PDF (or Other Format) Files

Block, Jared. Book. 3rd ed., Publisher, 2017, Accessed 25 Apr 2019.

  • Websites

Daley, Wendy. “MLA Citation Generator –  KingCitation”., 2019,

  • Journal Articles
  • in print

Brooks, James. “Article”. Journal, vol 6, no. 3, 2019, pp. 51-77.

(6 – volume, 3 – issue, 51-77 – pages)

  • online

Brooks, James. “Article”. Journal, vol 6, no. 3, 2019, pp. 51-77., doi:10.1111/111111. Accessed 25 Apr 2019.

  • Films

Director, Mister. Film. Publisher, 2016.

  • Videos

Username. Video. 2017.

  • Images

Balrose, Marie. Image Title. 2018, Accessed 25 Apr 2019.

  • Songs

King, Larry. “Song”. Music Label, Los Angeles, 2014, Accessed 25 Apr 2019.

  • Lectures

Landen, Alison. “Title”. 2018.

In-Text Quotes

Keep in mind that you need to use every source that you mention in your MLA citation generator bibliography list in the text: these are called in-text quotes. When you write your paper, make sure that you incorporate the works into your text by mentioning the last name of the author, the title of the work, and the page number if it is available. According to the types of sources and the number of authors your works have, your in-text quotes may look different.

Here are some examples of how you can create in-text quotes from the references that you make with MLA citation generator.

A work by a single author:

Block, Jared. Book. 3rd ed., Publisher, 2017, Accessed 25 Apr 2019.


In Book, KingCitation is admitted to be a huge help to students (Block 36).

(36 – page number)

Block explains that KingCitation is a good MLA citation generator (36).

In Block’s Book, KingCitation is introduced as “the easiest MLA citation generator ever” (36).

A work by two or three authors:

Brooks, James, and Bella Rose. “Article”. Journal, vol 6, no. 3, 2019, pp. 51-77., doi:10.1111/111111. Accessed 25 Apr 2019.


In “Article,” KingCitation is admitted to be a huge help to students (Brooks, and Rose 36).

Brooks and Rose explain that KingCitation is a good MLA citation generator (36).

Brooks and Rose introduce KingCitation as “the easiest MLA citation generator ever” (36).

A work by four or more authors:

Daley, Wendy, et al. “MLA Citation Generator – Kingcitation”. Kingcitation.Com, 2019,


In “MLA Citation Generator – KingCitation,” KingCitation is admitted to be a huge help to students (Daley et al.).

Daley et al. explain that KingCitation is a good MLA citation generator.

Daley et al. introduce KingCitation as “the easiest MLA citation generator ever.”

With in-text quotes, you need to make sure that your punctuation is correct. In addition, don’t forget to put the titles of huge works, such as books, in italics and the names of articles or website pages, for example, in brackets. Refer to MLA citation generator guide to check your in-text quotes.

KingCitation MLA citation generator and APA citation generator help you to format your reference according to the Modern Language Association rules. The machines help students in citing sources for a paper to generate a bibliography list. To save some time and make an original list online automatically, you can use a great helper, MLA citation generator, which is a fast source list creator and reference builder.