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Landmarks citation machine

Landmark citation system is grounded on the quotation track of a separate landmark article. This quotation track is created by finding sources that quote the landmark article. A bibliography, taken from the quotation track, is applied to finish an evaluation of the collection. This format was created and applied to evaluate the National Library of Medicine’s biotechnology collection of.

This method appeared in 1989 and it is acceptable for collections in particular fields. This format is citation-grounded but not in a conventional understanding. On the contrary to traditional methods, landmark citation examines not the papers present in libraries’ collection, but a single article of a specific field. A quotation is derived through analyzing sources that quote the landmark article. A bibliography is composed by finding the titles of books and journals where the landmark article was quoted.
The landmark citation method is relatively new in comparison with other available ones. It can facilitate a cross-disciplinary evaluation, help to describe the literature of a specific discipline, eliminate bibliography bias and serve as an additional to other methods.

Therefore, it is obvious that you have a large work to do with many sources while doing some research papers. So it is tiresome to try and impeccably organize them all. But now you can use our landmark citation machine offered on and free yourself from this cumbering and slow process.
Landmarks quotation machine is an interactive innovative tool that can assist researchers in building the correct usage of information property. Everything that you need is just click “Make Citation” in apa citation style, choose the desired resource type, fill in the Internet form, and cut and paste them to your work. We’ll do the rest!