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Free IEEE Thesis Citation Generator

Do you need to use IEEE style in your thesis and dissertation projects? The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers style is a format that is commonly referred to as IEEE referencing, and it involves using numbers. It is popular in subjects such as computer science and other technical fields, yet it can be difficult to use in your bibliography if you have never done it before. Of course, this is where the IEEE thesis citation generator at kingcitation is going to come to the rescue. You can use it free of charge, and it is going to make referencing a breeze.

Citation of Thesis in IEEE Format

Our IEEE generator is simple to use. All you have to do is fill in the boxes, and the bibliography reference will be automatically created. You will need to take note of the number of the reference, the author of the source you are using and the title of the paper. Of course, there will be more details that you need, which should be easy to access. Enter this information into the boxes, and the citation generator will automatically create your IEEE citation thesis for your paper.

An Example of the Citation Machine

Do you want to see how the thesis maker generates your bibliography? Once you have entered all of the information that is required for the maker, the reference will look similar to this format:

1 John, Doe, “Parametric study of thermal and chemical nonequilibrium nozzle flow”, M.S. thesis, Dept.Electron, Osaka Univ., Oxford, Osaka, 2015.