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Harvard Style Bibliography Generator

Harvard citation style is called after the famous Harvard University, as it originated there. This format is also named the Author-Date referencing style. It belongs to the most popular ways of making references and it is applied in many universities around the world.
According to this system, you provide the author’s surname, publication’s date and page in the brackets and put this in the text. The quotes usually have such format:

Surname-Year of publication- Page
(Austen 1813, p. 64).
It is also possible to put the author’s surname within the text without the brackets:
Austen (1813, p. 64)…

If you are referencing the whole work, you can just provide the surname and the publication’s year in brackets.
While citing the information that you haven’t read but which is given from the source you have read, format it like this:
Moore (as cited in Maxwell 1999, p. 25)…
In the references you will include Maxwell.

At the end of your research work on a new page, you should add a bibliography or reference list in alphabetical order, where the reader can see the information as to the sources you cite in your work. Here you need to provide the complete publication details of a book, journal or website you quote. The sources are to have a hanging indent. So all the next lines of the bibliography are indented.
Harvard style has no definitive variant of organizing quotes, so it is desirable to apply to your educational establishment for a guide or ask your supervisor how to do citations in your academic paper. The names of authors should be capitalized and the first word in the title of the source too. A full title can be italicized or underlined. You can choose this yourself, but follow this rule in you work permanently.
However, all this depends on the academic institution or journal you are working for. The variants also exist as to the application of parenthesis and text styles. So check your requirements before submitting your dissertation, publication, assignment or thesis.
It is evident that there are lots of things to mind while working at your research paper and. Have you ever dreamt of having a tool that can save you time with your quotations and bibliography? Kingcitation Harvard citation generator can do this for you. With the help of our citation machine you will format your references quickly, easily and smartly corresponding all the requirements put by your educational establishment. You just need to find the author or the source’s title you need to quote and our linker generator will do everything for you in a couple of seconds. The whole process is completely automatic. It is just required to give the details of the source cited, and our citation machine will do the hardest job for you.
This tool can also work as a helpful educational tool for how to format your own quotations and if applied together with our related citation guides you are offered an opportunity to make your in-text quotes and references in no time at all.