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How Does Harvard Citation Generator Work?

There are cases when it is required to make the bibliography according to the rules of Harvard citation style. It is popular in many universities. Moreover, this way of formatting is used for papers of different topics and discipline. Surely, it is troublesome to do it manually. The good news is that Harvard citation generator will help you with this procedure. The scheme is easy – just paste or type the necessary data in the blanks. The rest of work is our duty.

Briefly About Harvard Citation Machine

So, how does it work? Surely, it is difficult to believe that a website can properly make Harvard style citation. Nevertheless, be sure in the high quality of your final result. Moreover, you can use it for free and without registration. It is important to mention that you cannot make Harvard intext citation with this tool. But it is not difficult. We will explain to you how to do it later.

How To Use This Style

Let’s come back to the procedure of Harvard citation. Surely, we should know some basic rules to make our quotation more qualitative. Our references should be on a new page separate from the text of essay or paper. The label “Reference List” should be centered. Do not bold, underline, or use quotation mark for the title. It is undeniable that you can make different kinds of references and Harvard bluebook citation is not an exception. Pay attention that the authors’ names are inverted, it means that the last name goes first.

Here is an example:

  • Author(s) of the book – family name and initials. Year of publication, Title of the book (it should be italicised), Edition, Publisher, Place of publication.

It is reasonable to say that the place and kind of the components of the quotation depend on the source of information, in particular, journal, newspaper, etc.

Nevertheless, you do not need to memorize that scheme if you are an active user of our webpage.

It is time to get acquainted with Harvard in text citation.

That is an integral part of your paper. Especially, it is required to make it if you need your work to be original and without plagiarism. The significant feature of Harvard style in text citation is the author and date. We do not need to indicate the page or other information. That will be enough to show that it is borrowed information.

We offer you some examples:

  • One author: The fairy tales bring us bad to childhood (Zucker 2001).
  • Two or three authors: That kind of animals are especially dangerous for forests ( Johns & Boles 1996).
  • Four or more authors: Shakespeare made a great contribution to the development of literary criticism
    ( Jull Et AL. 2008)

What to do if the work does not have the name of the writer? In such case, put in brackets the title of the writing and year. When the date is unknown as well, indicate the name of the writing.

Now, you have the basic information about the way to make the reference more qualitative. Without any doubt, it is the first step to high mark and respect. Feel free and use our generator as it is a tool that makes the study process simple and enjoyable.