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CBE / CSE newspaper from online database citation

Accurately documenting sources used for research is an important part of the writing and research process. Documentation is important because:

  • It is used to give credit for information originally written elsewhere.
  • Documentation enables others to find the same information again.
  • Failure to give credit for drawing on the work of others constitutes plagiarism.

All documentation (bibliographies, endnotes, citations, references, lists of works cited, etc.) should be done according to the style appropriate for the audience that will be reading or reviewing the writing.  Ask each of your teachers or mentors which style they want you to use.  The library subscribes to many different documentation style manuals including:

All above mentioned styles are available for citing sources like images, books, articles, online articles, videos and many others within free citation machine.

Remember that entries in the Works Cited list are listed alphabetically by author.  Do not just copy the “citation” given by the databases.  While this part provides important information, it often leaves out the far more important information of the access date and the database name.  It may also not be in CBE style as its required.

The citation for an electronic source includes citation for any print counterpart of the source, followed by information about the electronic resource.  It is crucial that this information be included, because the electronic resource may be an updated version of the print counterpart.  The date the electronic resource was accessed is important because the resource may be changed before someone looking at your sources checks it. Note that this source was not prepared by the CBE itself, but instead is based on the citation principles presented in the CBE style manual.  Since the latest CBE style manual was published in 1994, there does not yet exist an official style for citing electronic information.   

To builde a reference for CSE newspaper articles from an online database within CSE citation generator, collecte followed elements:

  • Author;
  • Date;
  • Article title;
  • Newspaper title;
  • URL;
  • Accessed date.