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CBE / CSE journal form database citation in CBE / CSE format

When you use the words or original ideas of another person in your writing, you need to document, or give credit to, the sources of those words or ideas. If exact words from the original are used, quotation marks are necessary. If you paraphrase or restate the idea in your own words, quotation marks are not required, but documentation of the source is still required.

There are several different formats for documentation. In CSE (Council of Science Editors) format you briefly identify your sources ( like newspapers, books, articles and etc.) in the text of your paper, then give the full information in the list of references at the end of the paper.

The CSE citation manual describes two systems of documentation:

  • the Citation-Sequence system (used for the chemistry lab/library assignment)
  • the Name-Year system (used by most biology classes)

The list of references (or bibliography) at the end of your paper should be a list of all the sources that contributed ideas and information to your paper. It can be titled “References” or “Cited References.”

The arrangement of references in your list depends upon how you have cited them in your text. In the Citation-Sequence system, each reference appears in the order that it is first mentioned in your paper. To facilitate bibliography building process you may use free citation machine.

Citing a journal and journal article retrieved from online database within CSE / CBE citation generator appears to be quite similar but Journal article found in an online database has its own features that are obliged to be considered.  

Creating a proper CSE journal article from online database within CBE / CSE citation generator required to follow given template:

  • Author;
  • Year;
  • Article title;
  • Journal title;
  • Volume;
  • Issue;
  • URL;
  • Accessed date.