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CBE / CSE journal citation for CBE / CSE format

CSE/CBE Style is used by biologists, chemists and other scientists when writing scientific papers to show the sources of information used by the author in the text and in the Bibliography at the end of the paper. In the Name-Year system, citations are provided in the main text through parenthetical citations.

CSE requires that you document your sources ( books, websites, newspaper or particular newspaper articles) with parenthetical references listed in the text and a comprehensive list of sources (References) at the end of the paper. CSE reference guide as well as the examples below illustrate the 7th edition of CSE Manual in the Name-Year format (or Harvard System). For additional examples, refer to the 7th Edition of the CSE Manual. Note, the CSE style requires you to abbreviate journal titles. 

Creating a CSE journal reference within CBE \ CSE citation generator collect followed elements :

  • Author(s);
  • Year of publication;
  • Article title;
  • Content or medium designator;
  • Journal title;
  • Volume;
  • Issue;
  • Pagination.

It is more likely that then would appears more then one author, in this case always include the names of the first ten authors. If there are more than ten, include the first ten author names only, followed by a comma and “et al.” Include both the title and subtitle, retaining the punctuation used in the original document. For journal article titles, capitalization for  the first word is required, as well as proper nouns, acronyms and initials. All significant words in journal titles may be capitalized as well. The place of publication refers to the city where the publisher is located. This information is usually found on the title page. If no place of publication can be found use the words [place unknown] in square brackets. If more than one city is listed, use only the first one that appears. Certain cities may stand alone (e.g. New York), but in order to avoid confusion, the country name may be written out or 2 letter ISO country code included (e.g. United Kingdom: GB). For Canadian or U.S. cities, the two letter province or state code may be included. To simplify this rather time and labor consuming process of citing you may use free citation machine for any source and format.