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Most of the students who decided to connect their life somehow with research work are aware of the importance of correct formatting. Today students, academic writers, scientists, researchers of most universities all over the world know that today there are more than ten styles available for different disciplines. Most widely used styles are MLA, APA and Harvard manuals of style. They are used in most of the disciplines for writing essays, short research works, and other assignments.

Overview of the style

Unfortunately, this style doesn’t have a single document which gathers all the rules of citing sources. This style is based on Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th ed, rev. by Snooks & Co, John Wiley & Sons, Australia, Milton. But many online sources offer a full list of rules gathered in Harvard citation guide. This style uses some features for in-text citation such as capitalization, punctuation, the use of italics and abbreviations.

Features of Harvard citation style guide

Each page of an academic paper, essay, research work, etc., has a table of content on each page. It is often used as a guide for the paper. Another feature of the style is in-text citing examples for every type of source. This feature is not very pleasant for those who are using this style often because it demands constant proofreading of the paper before its application.

Another feature of the style is explanations of basic terminology or symbols, which are used in references. This explanation must be short enough and contain all required information. The numbers of pages are located on the top of each page in Harvard style. It also has a list of tips on citing musical notations, figures, tables, etc.

When more than thirty words of source text are quoted, it is necessary to indent five spaces and use single spacing for the quote. When the author of a source is unknown it-text citation requires the name of the source or its shortened version. It is obligatory to make in-text references no matter what the source is. For making a reference to the online article, its author must be mentioned in-text, and full name of the article with authors, pages, date of extraction and link have to be mentioned in the list of references.

Online electronic books are cited as usual published books with stating the link to the source. IF it is necessary to state several authors and different years, all of them have to be mentioned in-text and separated with a semicolon in a reference list.

In other words, to make your paper unique and use different sources it is important to cite everything that is borrowed from other authors, researchers, scientists or editors. Another well-known and widely used citation styles are APSA citation guide, ASA citation guide, and AMA citation guide. All of the styles are used in different universities for writing short essays and great research works. These styles are used in political science, any paper that contains more than ten pages such as essays, reaction papers, overviews and other assignments.

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