Council of Science Editors/Council of Biology Editors format guide

During the academic performance every student has a lot of work to do. Most of this work is applied in written form. Most written papers require appropriate formatting which is described in concrete style that is required by discipline or certain type of work. The most complicated part of formatting style is citation. If you want your text to be unique but still need to use some books, journals, magazines, online academic sources etc., you have to learn how to cite them correctly.

CSE/CBE citation

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is a non-profit organization created for supporting scientific writers all over the world. It published its own manual of style for assisting editors in writing scientific and academic papers. It is not as widely used as APA or AMA, but still it is popular among scientific edition world. It is mostly used in biological sciences and some other disciplines as well.

Citation rules of CSE style guide

Each student knows that the variety of sources is rising fast but not limited to published books and online libraries. Many websites offer online citation generators, which are convenient to use, and is helpful for students who doesn’t want to memorize all the rules and instead concentrate on the discipline itself. But for those who are going to write a lot of academic papers it is much easier to learn all necessary rules and use it in everyday academic life. CSE citation guide contain three sections: citation sequence, citation-name and name-year. All of them require reference list in the end of the paper.

Citation sequence

This style requires numbering sources in the end of the paper by the order in which citations are mentioned in the paper. This means that citations in the paper must be numbered starting with 1 and finishing with the number of cites.


The cited source should be mentioned with the number after cited sentence. The list of authors is created in alphabetic order. The number of the citation corresponds to the number of the source placed in the end of the paper.


This style requires creating the list of sources in the end of the paper alphabetically. In text after the cited fragment the authors name and year of publication should be mentioned.

These are the main rules and overview of the whole style guide which full content with examples is available at many different online sources.

In comparison to other style guides such as HARVARD, IEEE or APSA citation guides, CSE is rarely used in everyday academic performance of students’ life. HARVARD citation guide is preferred in many disciplines and universities not only for course works that contain more than twenty pages but also for short essays. IEEE citation guide is widely used in computing, electric and electronic publications. It is widely used in journals, online magazines, newsletters etc. APSA citation guide is widely used in political science.

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