American Medical Association (AMA) format guide

AMA (American Medical Association) was written by editors who work at JAMA journal. The Oxford University Press published this manual; it was first published in 1962, and by today it already has 10 editions, the last one came out in 2007. This style was created especially for writers and editors whose works are connected to medicine or other health-related topics.

AMA is mainly applied to scientific publishing; many journals that have medicine or health focus, textbooks and some academic papers are often styled according to it. Some of rules of this format are similar to APA and CSE, which are considered another two popular styles for works in this field of study.

There is an official website of this manual where authors can find more detailed information, guides, will have an opportunity to keep up to updates and even order a book.

Citation guide

Citing sources is the most responsible and important part of each paper. AMA has a set of rules regarding formatting and citing that must be strictly followed by writer. There are different requirements for crafting citations from different types of sources, below you will see detailed guide.


There are few types of citations for books depending on its characteristics, mainly are used book chapters or articles, usual books, books that had been edited and electronic books. For each of these sources AMA citing generator looks almost the same. No matter what book you used – start citation with initials of first and second names and full last name of book’s author (section’s author for book chapter or editor’s name for edited book), then you continue with name of the source or its part, then publisher’s information and year.


If you need to refer to some online source you will need to format reference in the following manner: start with who wrote article, then add a name of webpage where article is located, name of the site and URL, then you need to place three dates – 1) published; 2) updated; 3) when you access the article.

YouTube video

Citing a video from, you have to be careful. Your reference will be written correctly only if you specified initial author of it (not someone who just posted it later) if you are not 100% sure that you can find out who created this video – don’t include author’s details into citation. In any case, you need to form it this way: author (if you know), name of the video that you refer to, link to it and published/accessed dates.

General rules

Besides requirements to list of references, there are just few simple rules that you need to follow:

  • List sources numerically in the correct sequence;
  • Author’s initials are written without any spaces, commas, etc.;
  • It’s allowed to specify up to 6 writers for one citation, if it happened that your source has more – list just first three and put “et al.” after them.

Other styles of citing

Some of the other manuals that are widely used today are CSE/CBE, Harvard and IEEE. Each of them differs at some point and applies to different types of works and subjects. CSE/ CBE is used for subjects like biology, geology, chemistry and other natural sciences. Harvard manual can be applied to many works on many topics, and it’s one of the most common styles, while IEEE can apply to works that focus on engineering, electronics, computer science, etc.

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