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Chicago online image citation

Though you may have permission to use an image, you must still credit the image’s creator or copyright owner. In statements of usage rights on websites, this practice is often called “attribution.” In some cases, you will be instructed to attribute the image to an institution that owns the copyright. Look for a link on a website or database called “Terms of Use” or something similar.

Conform as closely as possible to the structure and examples below with the information you have available. Consult a style guide for more detailed explanations and for exceptions (such as images without a listed date or creator). Make sure to also track your research by recording the key information.

There are few general tips on how to create proper citation on image within Chicago citation generator : mages are generally cited in notes, not bibliographies. If the image has no title, provide a brief description as a title. It is necessary to provide as much information as possible to direct your reader to the image you are citing. When citing a page in a print document like book or newspaper, the illustration number (if available) follows the page number. Use the words table, graph, figure (abbreviated as fig.) when it is used in the source text. For an image used in a PowerPoint presentation, put the image url or a brief citation in a small font directly under the image. Do not make a list of image citations at the end of your presentation. Note, if you have an image that you found using Google images, do not cite Google images as the source. Click on “view this image in its original context” and cite the web page where the image is published. The image url should never end in “.jpg”.

To create a proper citation on Chicago online image within citation machine it is required to gather followed information on source:

  • Author, creator of the work;
  • Year;
  • Title of the work;
  • Location;
  • Website address;
  • Institution where the peace of art is housed
  • Accessed date;
  • Accessed month;
  • Accessed year.