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Chicago movie citation

The Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition [2010] , also known as CMS, was used to create Chicago citation guide, which illustrates references format for Chicago style. Material requiring a citation uses an in-text citation within your paper along with a full bibliographic entry in the reference list which occurs at the end of your paper. For each author-date citation in the text, there must be a corresponding entry in the reference list for that source.

First printed in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press, the Chicago Manual of Style is frequently used in history, art history, and anthropology, among other disciplines commonly for citing source like image, article, website etc. The style guide, still published by the University of Chicago Press, is the standard for formatting and citation when publishing in the field of history. When you cite a book within citation machine, you include author or editor, title, place of publication, and year. So for a movie, you could treat the director like an editor as well.

When you have to deal with odd citations, just include all the information you think your readers will want or need, and don’t worry too much about how to style the bits that don’t fit into the conventional format. Try to style similar citations in the same way.

To create Chicago movie citation via Chicago citation generator, follow given template:

  • Title of the movie;
  • Format;
  • Director;
  • Date of original release;
  • Place of publication;
  • Publisher/ distributor;
  • Publication/ distribution date.