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Chicago image citation from collection

The Chicago Notes-Bibliography System of citation is used primarily in literature, history, art history, and the arts to cite sources like images, magazines, newspaper and websites. The most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style is the 16 th Edition, which was published in 2010. The Chicago NB (Notes-Bibliography) system uses footnotes or endnotes within the text and a Bibliography at the end. The footnotes or endnotes (hereafter “notes”) are marked in the text by a superscript number which corresponds to the note. The only difference between footnotes and endnotes is the placement in your paper; footnotes are located at the bottom of the page in which the citation appears, and endnotes are placed all together at the end of the paper (before the bibliography). In order to facilitate time and labor consuming process of referencing the sources we designed a free citation machine. Building a bibliography would become fasted and easier, moreover, citation generator is available for any format and source.

There are several accepted ways to cite materials in a bibliography or on a works-cited page, and styles are constantly evolving. Many history professors prefer students use The Chicago Manual of Style.

Creating a reference in Chicago style for peace of art located in museum are any other institution requires certain elements on sources like images, photographs, and works of art. We recommend that you cite photos, images, paintings and other works of art as you would cite a book.This guidance based on Chicago citation guide is given for the format of the title; titles should be italicized even if they are supplied by others or translated. If the photo/image does not have a title, we recommend describing the content depicted on the photo, image, or work of art. Any information not appearing on or with the item should be put within square brackets.

To create Chicago image citation on image or any other work located in collection, within Chicago citation generator, it is required to include the following information:

  • Date of creation;
  • Material or medium;
  • Size, if practical to collect, and/or needed to differentiate similar works;
  • Place observed, collection, exhibition, museum; the collection name and exhibition title should be italicized.