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Chicago image citation

The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) provides the legislative framework for the creation, copying, and communication of electronic, print, graphic, and audio-visual works. The Copyright Act gives authors and other copyright owners of original ‘works’ the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, communicate, and adapt their material; and to licence, transfer, or sell it to other people.

Almost all  written material, images, as well as music and other sound recordings, films and other visual media, are considered as  ‘works’ protected by copyright, whether they are in print format or digital, in a book, a magazine, a DVD, or on a website. All images, referred to in the text or reproduced in an essay, assignment or presentation, must be cited and included in your reference list. Would like to mention that it is rather time and labor consuming process which could be facilitated by using free citation machine for any source and format.

Cartoons and illustrations included in newspapers, magazines or other periodicals often represent the historical perspectives and opinions of the time of publication.

Creating a reference for Chicago image retrieved from a book within Chicago citation generator requires to gather certain elements on source, such as:

  1. Author of a book;
  2. Author’s or creator’s last name, first name, middle initial;
  3. Year;
  4. Title of document;
  5. Title of a book;
  6. Location
  7. Publishing company, copyright date;
  8. Pages.

For more information you may consult the Chicago citation guide.