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Chicago citation style

College work comes with various rules and guidelines. It is necessary to encompass all guidelines in a proper manner to craft a quality research paper. Moreover, skipping any of the important elements can decrease the quality of your write-ups and reduce your overall grades. Hence, knowing every details and structure is a must to create an impressive work. One of those guidelines includes citation without which an academic paper remains incomplete.

The citation refers to providing credit to other’s ideas and acknowledging their work to uphold intellectual honesty in your research paper or case study. There are several ways to create a citation. You can either create them manually or take help of Chicago citation generator. It gathers details from various websites and online published works to find the exact match of your research. Let’s check the purpose of creating citations in your content-

The Purpose

Citations are important to be included in all scholarly works because it serves various roles that include-

  • You can validate your content and arguments with already published authentic work.
  • You can give credit to other authors and researchers.
  • Readers get the complete details in a single document and help them to search the related information.

Before moving ahead, it is essential to know what the types of citation style are and how to use them in your paper effectively.

What is Citation Style?

Citation style refers to the use of other relevant studies in your content. Make sure it complements your work and help readers to get the gist of your study accurately. It must include some basic elements such as the title of a reference word, the name of an author(s), the publication date, and the publisher. Beyond these necessities, the professor’s preference and discipline are the other important factors that need to be considered.

The impactful ways to include references in your academic papers are known as Citation styles. There are different formats or styles that should be used as per the demand of your research paper. The widely-used styles are

  • APA (American Psychological Association),
  • MLA (Modern Languages Association),
  • ACS (American Chemical Society) Style,
  • MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association),
  • Harvard

The styles differ on a basis of their format and presentation. Another format that is popular among students is Chicago Manual of Style/Turabian style. It comprises two systems: author-date system and notes & bibliography system. The highly preferred system is notes and bibliography system, especially in History courses. In this, students use endnotes/ Chicago style footnotes and a bibliography. Before selecting a style, consult with your professor or teacher.

APA format is basically used in papers of Education, Psychology, and Sciences, while MLA format is implemented in Humanities. If you are writing work is related to History, Business, and the Fine Arts opt for Chicago/Turabian format. If you want to craft it accurately, you can refer to Chicago manual style citation generator. It provides you the facility to selectt an accurate format and search the most pertinent studies for your assignments. The well-written format that helps the readers is what always required.

Now, question arises what are the resources you can cite. Selecting the best way to cite other’s ideas without plagiarizing your content enhances the overall quality of the document. Check what the resources you can add in a Bibliography are.

  • Quotes, either a sentence or a phrase
  • Paraphrases
  • Ideas, theories, words with exact words that author has used
  • Publications including book chapters, book, online articles, thesis
  • Facts, stats or history
  • Graphs, images with information

However, it has been encountered that these resources can lead to the plagiarism. With the use of Chicago citation maker, you can evade plagiarism issues easily.

Every style has its importance. On the basis of your subject and professor’s requirement, format changes. To include the same in an effective way, initially identify the subject and the topic. Now, write it is the correct format. Check out a few examples of different styles-


Chicago style

“American Civil War.“ Wikipedia. Accessed 11 21, 2017.

APA style-

Dean, Cornelia. “Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet.” The New York Times, 22 May 2007, Accessed 12 May 2016.

MLA style-

Langer, R. “New Methods of Drug Delivery.” Science 249.4976 (1990): 1527-33.

ACS style-

Langer, R. New Methods of Drug Delivery. Science 1990, 249, 1527-1533.

IEEE Style-

  1. Langer, “New Methods of Drug Delivery,” Science, vol. 249, pp. 1527-1533, SEP 28, 1990.

If you are worried about how to create a perfect citation then get help from Chicago style citation generator. You will get a solution in mere minutes.

Where is Citation Used?

Now, you must be wondering how to write citation or Bibliography and where to include it in your papers effectually.

There are two ways to add it, either write them in endnotes/footnotes or in-between the text. Selection of the right method depends on the requirement of your research work. Most of the times, students often find themselves struggling with the styles and the process to cite sources.

Chicago citation generator a perfect solution to all your worries. It helps you finding the relevant resources and other published content, so that you can craft the best one. It also helps in forming the bibliography. Although both are different, the purpose of including them is same. The citation is the actual work you have referred to and Bibliography is the list of all the material you have accessed whether it is published online or not.

Guide to Create Bibliography

After completing the paper work, in the end, add bibliography on a separate page with a bold heading.

  • Identify the style to be used according to the subject because the note and Bibliography are two different forms.
  • Include a “hanging indent” – the first line of the Bibliography starts at the margin, while subsequent lines are indented.
  • Avoid creating a separate list if the source has no writer

As you have the complete information on how to and where to use it, implement the same in a perfect manner to grab good scores. However, in a case of any difficulty in crafting, avail the online Chicago style citation generator.