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ASA Print Journal Article With Multiple Authors Citation

When we create something – a technical article or report, a literary work, a paint or a photography, whatever- we often go to other´s work to use as supporting documentation, source of information or just inspiration.

For example, when drafting a document we can use external sources which may help us in many different ways (data, graphics, ideas,…). At the same time, in order to issue the recognition to its owner, we must choose among lots of alternatives and include the due credits at any part in our document.

The difference between citing and paraphrasing is more formal than anything else.

When we use an author’s literal words, word for word, we are doing a citation and it will be between double quotation. Whereas when we refer to an existing idea but we use our own words to express it, we are paraphrasing. Though many times external work used as a general support for our arguments´consistency, without citing nor paraphrasing specific words or ideas.

In order to recognize the due credit for other author’s work we cited, paraphrased or used as support, in our document we must include a references list and a section with the bibliography.

There are lots of methods and styles to build references and bibliography and, with the raise of the Internet, the options have multiplied, moreover, referencing process might be facilitated by free citation machine. But here we will refer to a ASA style, which is the one is commonly used for citing sources like journal articles, newspapers, magazines, web pages and so on, primary in sociology course.  

A reference collects the identification data of the specific source we cited or paraphrased. Every reference may go immediately following the citation or paraphrased quote between brackets and/or be part of a numbered list of references at the end of our document or at the end of a section or page.

Creating a ASA journal citation within ASA citation generator require certain information on source, such as:

  • Author’s name;
  • Author’s #2 name;
  • Author’s number 3 name;
  • Year;
  • Title of the article;
  • Journal;
  • Volume number;
  • Issue number;
  • Pages.

For further information you may consult ASA citation guidelines.