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ASA magazine citation in ASA format

Authors and editors working in the sociological discipline wanted to distinguish their style from that of both the Chicago Manual style and the American Psychological Association style, and in 1992, the first draft of the American Sociological Association Style Guide was approved. Though the ASA Style Guide still primarily draws from the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.), changes still exist between the two. Please refer to the ASA manual (4th ed.) for the most recent information on citing sources. The current 4th edition of the American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide was published in 2010. ASA citation guide presented on is based on the most current edition. ASA citation style primary used to cite sources like online journal articles, books, chapter of a books, online newspapers and so on.

Creating a ASA magazine citation within free citation machine required to follow basic format for a magazine or newspaper entry which includes:

  • Author’s last name, followed by a comma and the first name and middle initial, ending with a period;
  • Year of publication followed by a period;
  • Title of article in “quotations,” ending with a period inside the closing quotation mark;
  • Name of newspaper/magazine in italics, followed by a comma;
  • Month and date of publication followed by a comma;
  • Page number of article within the publication, designated by “pp.” and ending with a period;
  • For articles found online, add the date of retrieval and the URL of the site at which the article was located in parentheses, followed by a period: Retrieved [date of retrieval] (;
  • For online periodicals (magazines, and newspapers), use the same format as for printed periodicals, unless they are available only in online form. In that case, simply add the date viewed and the URL for retrieving the article.