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ASA journal citation

One of the things that new writers often struggle with is the decision of when and what they must cite. First, if you are worried about making the wrong decision, it is better to err on the side of caution and to cite everything and always. But in general, a good rule is that whenever sources you consulted influenced your thinking in any way or whenever you present ideas you got from a source, that source should be cited. All of these sources should appear in your bibliography/works cited/references section to simplify the citation process you may use free citation machine.

In-text citations are a little more complicated. For in-text citations, you should present a citation whenever the idea you are discussing was drawn wholly or in part from a text or group of texts. Remember that you can always present more than one citation in the same portion of text. In addition, whenever you paraphrase an idea or comment,you must use an in-text citation. I encourage you to not try too hard to paraphrase, since all ideas need attribution and citations anyway. If paraphrasing comes easily, do it and provide a citation. If it does not, do it and provide a quotation. Quotations require quotation marks or block quotes, in-text citations, and page numbers.

As noted above, at the end of your paper you should have a complete list of all of the works that you consulted in researching and preparing your paper. There are many formats references appear in. ASA citation generator is available for a few of the most common sources: books, articles, book sections/chapters, websites and other electronic documents, and visual media. If you need to consult works in other formats, like music recordings, government documents, dissertations, or archival manuscripts, you may consult ASA citation guide for help in citing these materials.

Creating a proper reference for ASA online journal article within ASA citation machine it is required to collect followed elements on source:

  • Author’s name;
  • Second author’s name;
  • Year;
  • Title of the article;
  • Journal name;
  • Volume number;
  • Issue number;
  • Pages;
  • Date of retrieval;
  • URL.