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ASA chapter citation in ASA format

Choosing a right style for your paper is an important step. Your professor may specify a particular style. However, if the instructions are “use a citation-sequence style” or “use a name-date style”, it’s up to you to choose one style and to use it consistently throughout your paper and in your list of references. Do not just copy source information from a journal without making sure the style conforms to that of your chosen style, you may choose from variety of styles available on citation machine. If your professor leaves the choice of style completely up to you, consider these factors:

  • When citing a source in the text of your paper, it’s faster to type a number (citation sequence style) than to type a name-date reference. However, readers generally prefer to find the List of References in alphabetical order, as with a name-date style. In addition, many readers prefer the added information a name-date citation gives in the text of a paper. Finally, if you eliminate or add a source, you’ll have to re-number your references;
  • APA style has the best guidelines for citing online documents (which is why IEEE adopted it for online sources). If you are willing to use a name-date style, you can take advantage of APA or MLA citation generators.

When referring to a chapter in an authored book, usually you would not cite that chapter in the reference list. Instead, you would cite the whole book and, if necessary, cite the chapter in text. This rule applies whether the chapter is written by one of the book’s primary authors or by a separate contributor.

Basically, ASA chapter of a book citation follows the basic ASA book citation format, which includes:

  • Author’s last name, followed by a comma and the first name and middle initial, ending with a period;
  • Year of publication followed by a period;
  • Title of book italicized ending with a period;
  • Place of publication, followed by a colon and name of publisher ending with a period.

ASA citation guide requires some additions for citing a book chapter:

  • Put chapter title in quotes;
  • Use Pp. and page numbers to designate where the chapter is found in the volume;
  • Italicize the book title, then give the book editor’(s’) name(s);
  • Do not invert editor'(s)’ name(s);
  • Use initials instead of first and middle names for editor(s).