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ASA Citation Maker

It is a parenthetical referencing style that enables the sociologists to credit the words or ideas of other people in their work. It also helps the publishers in systematically credit the theories of others in their work.

It is an attractive format because it does not have any problematic and distracting footnotes. A large number of sociologists prefer ASA citation machine to cite their work because this style is highly economical and efficient.

It consists of:

  • In-Text Citations: This includes the surname of the author(s) as well as the year of publication. With In-Text Citation, one can include page numbers when referring to a specific passage from a specific page number or quote directly from work. Every in-text citation should link to an entry in the reference section.
  • Reference Section: Whether an individual uses an ASA citation generator or undertakes the referencing manually, this section always comes at the end of the essay. It lists down all the sources that have been cited in your paper and consists of full information of the publication. It is arranged alphabetically and helps the readers to locate the original source. All the references are double spaced in the reference section.

How to ASA Citation?

The American Sociological Association or ASA format citation generator assists authors to cite references that include but not limited to Books, Journal Articles, E-Resources, Websites, etc.

Here’s how an ASA citation generator quotes in various instances.

  • In the case of Text Citation
  • If the name of the Author is in the text, follow it with the year of publication

Example: …in another study by Stephen (1998)

  • If the name of the Author is not there in the text, include the last name with year of publication

Example: …whenever it took place (Webber 1998)

  • Pagination i.e. the page number follows year of publication after a colon

Example: …Martin (1998:52)

  • In case of two authors, give their last names with the years of publication

Example: …(Webber and Scott 1988)

  • In case, if the work has three authors, write all the three names in the first citation, thereafter, use et al. in the subsequent ones

Example: (Webber, Scott, and Prince 1988) and (Webber et al. 1988)

  • In the Case of Books

It is imperative to cite the authors’ names  if a part of the text is cited from the books. There are few rules attached with the same. All these rules are already pre-defined in ASA style citation generator online.

Quotation Style

Inverted last name of the first author, full surname of the author2 with last name not inverted, and name of the author3. Publication Year. Publication (Italicized). City and state of the publisher with his province postal code or country in the case of a foreign publisher: Name of the Publisher


James, Ruth D. and John M. Williams.1997. A Tale of the Crime World. Washington, DC: Flamingo Books

  • Journal Articles

Here’s the ASA referencing style if a part of the text is procured from journal articles.

Quotation Style

Inverted last name of the first author, full surname of the author2 with last name not inverted, and name of the author3. Publication Year. “Title.” Publication (Italicized). Volume Number (Issue Number): Article Page Numbers


James, Ruth D. and John M. Williams.1997. “Depression.” A Guide to Social Behavior. 2(10):98-103

  • E-Resources

The text cited from the E-resources such as articles, DVD, and e-books follow the same pattern of citation as mentioned above in journal articles and books. However, there is one difference. Whether you are using an ASA citation machine or doing the citation task manually, make sure to omit the page numbers and include the URLs as well the date of access.


James, Ruth D. and John M. Williams.1997. “Depression.” A Guide to Social Behavior 2(10). Retrieved January 15, 2008 (

  • Websites

There is a general rule that is applied to all the paid and free ASA style citation generators. If the website includes data or proof that is imperative to a point being addressed in the manuscript, it should be mentioned with the URL along with the date of access.

Wrapping Up

ASA or American Sociological Association came into existence in the year 1905. Apart from being the main scholarly organization, it has been promoting and supporting the sociologist around the world. The ASA style proposed by the association is a uniform referencing style that is followed by a large number of sociology scholars. Also, helping these scholars are the various ASA style citation generators available online.

The ASA style of referencing is an excellent guide that aims at empowering students, authors, publishers and scholars in elevating their research. It also endeavors to educate them to keep plagiarism at bay. With easy to follow guidelines and citing rules, the style helps the researchers or scholars reach their scholarly goals without damaging their reputation among other students.