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APSA Senate Committee Report citation in APSA format

APSA Style is based on the Chicago Style (also referred to as Turabian) which is used principally by the liberal arts, political science, and business fields.Likewise, the MLA Style is also used by many of these fields.

Citing a government documents might be challenging, though APSA style is specifically designed for citing that kind of sources. APSA citation guidelines have detailed instruction for it, it is commonly used to cite such sources as House of Representatives Committee Report, House of Representatives Floor Debate, Senate Floor Debate, House of Representatives Floor Debate and so on.

House and Senate reports are the designated class of publications by which congressional committees report and make recommendations to the House or Senate as a whole. These reports concern the findings of committee hearings or the outcome of committee deliberations. They can contain discussions of legislative intent, a short history of a bill, and comparisons of current and proposed law text.

Most reports make recommendations for passage of a specific piece of legislation that the committee has considered in hearings and in private session. The legislation reported may be in the same form as introduced and considered in the hearing, it may have been amended, or it may have been extensively rewritten by the committee and reported as an amendment in the nature of a substitute or as a “clean” bill with a new number.

If a bill is simple and non-controversial, the report may be very brief, containing only the committee recommendation for passage. Often, however, the report includes a lengthy and detailed analysis of each section of the legislation. Sometimes reports contain a summary of issues brought out in the hearings or a history of the problem the legislation is intended to address. Frequently, reports contain additional, minority, or supplemental views of individual committee members.

Due to complexity of the cited document we recommend using free citation machine for creating a proper APSA Senate Committee Report citation, it requires followed information:

  • Government;
  • Legislature;
  • House;
  • Committee;
  • Year;
  • Report title;
  • Number of Congress;
  • Session of Congress;
  • Report number;
  • Exact date of hearing;
  • URL;
  • Date of access.