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APSA Senate Floor Debate citation in APSA format

Proper bibliographic citation in your research paper is of the utmost importance. You are obliged to provide citations under three conditions:

  • When you quote someone else;
  • When you summarize someone else’s words or ideas;
  • When you paraphrase someone else’s words or ideas.

Failure to provide complete citations, or improper citations, can ground a plagiarism. Plagiarized assignments can lead you to poor consequences, without exception, as a result a trial on Intellectual Property violation.

American Political Science Association bibliographic style often use in political science for  research papers. This style requires two components in your paper:

  • A properly formatted reference list at the end of your paper;
  • In-text parenthetical citations.

This brief APSA citation guide provides examples of how to cite some of the most commonly used types of information resources: newspapers, websites, ebooks, and electronic publications (for example online journals). Also, detailed explanations and additional types of examples are available for legal documents such as House of Representatives Floor Debate, House of Representatives Committee Hearing, Senate Committee Hearing and others.

Creating a proper APSA Senate Floor Debate Citation could be challenging due to distinctiveness of the government documents. Debates in Congress are written down and entered into the Congressional Record, often with other materials that congresspeople request be added in as well. It comes in two forms: the daily edition and the bound edition. You should indicate which version you’re citing. Note that the speaker’s name comes first. Add the state to reduce confusion. For the Congressional Globe, the Register of Debates, and the Annals of Congress, see Smith and Cheney. You may, also, free citation machine to facilitate referencing process. In order to create a APSA Senate Floor Debate Citation within free citation machine enter following elements in indicated order:

  • Index title;
  • Year;
  • Number of Congress;
  • Session of Congress;
  • Volume of Congressional Record;
  • URL;
  • Date of access.