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APSA Senate Committee Report (Print) citation in APSA format

Any information that appears in your paper and that is not your own requires citation. This includes direct quotes, as well as paraphrases of information and general ideas. One easily implemented system is the American Political Science Association’s (APSA) parenthetical citation system, in which source information is provided in the text in parentheses. Typically, APSA citation style used for citing sources like House of Representatives Committee Report, House of Representatives Committee Hearing, Senate Committee Hearing, Senate Floor Debate and so on.

House and Senate reports are the designated class of publications by which congressional committees report and make recommendations to the House or Senate as a whole. These reports concern the findings of committee hearings or the outcome of committee deliberations. They can contain discussions of legislative intent, a short history of a bill, and comparisons of current and proposed law text.

A separate type of legislative report results when the House and Senate pass versions of a bill that have substantial or controversial differences, and a decision is made to go to conference. In that case, differences between the House and Senate versions are reconciled by a conference committee made up of delegates or “managers” representing both political parties.

Committees also may issue reports that are not on specific legislation. These reports may summarize the findings of investigatory or oversight hearings, field trips, or study panel investigations. Many committees also issue annual or biennial activity reports summarizing their legislative and oversight activities. Reports are published on a timely basis. For further information you may use APSA citation guide.

Creating proper accurate APSA Senate Committee Report citation is available within free citation machine, it is required following information:

  • Government;
  • Legislature;
  • House;
  • Committee;
  • Year;
  • Report title;
  • Number of Congress;
  • Session of Congress;
  • Report number.