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APSA Senate Committee Hearing (print) citation in APSA format

Citing publications used in research papers, articles, etc. are not exercises designed to strain the patience of writers. They are locators for material used and should be as precise and succinct as good road directions. The form of the citation is not sacrosanct but is used for uniformity and is a valuable tool for communication.

The APSA citation generator is available for creating document citations such sources as Website, TV show, video as well as for citing government documents, for instance, House of Representatives Committee Hearing, House of Representatives Committee Report, Senate Committee Report and others.

The APSA citation guide is based on the Chicago standard bibliographic style. Though, you may need to modify the citation to conform to the manual/form you are required to use.

Government documents may not have some of the more familiar elements of a citation but they may have other elements you aren’t used to seeing. Include the following, as best you can, but always ask yourself if you would be able to lay hands on the document again using only the citation. If not, you may need to add more information and alter the form.

Appropriate APSA Senate Committee Hearing citation might be created within free citation machine, followed elements are required:

  • Government;
  • Legislature;
  • House;
  • Committee;
  • Year;
  • Hearing;
  • Number of Congress;
  • Session of congress;
  • Date of access.

In U.S. Federal documents, the “Government Printing Office” is not, strictly speaking, a publisher. It prints what it is told to and the distribution of the materials is the responsibility of whatever agency ordered them printed. For our purposes, however, it will satisfy for “publisher” where it is mentioned. Just remember that not all Federal documents will come out of the GPO and to be on the lookout for other publication data. For example, some military publications come out of Arlington, VA, not Washington D.C.