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APSA House of Representatives Committee Report (Print) citation in APSA format

The American Political Science Association (APSA) citation style is used in Political Science and International Studies, and is based on the Chicago Manual of Style. APSA citation guide has detailed information on procedure citing government documents such as Senate Committee Hearing, House of Representatives Committee Hearing, Senate Committee Report, Senate Floor Debate and etc.

Committee reports are issued by House and Senate committees following the consideration of a specific piece of legislation. The report details the progress of the bill in the committee, including how the bill was amended, what amendments were adopted or rejected, the estimated cost of programs proposed in the legislation, opinions of the minority and majority members of the committee, and the “legislative intent” of the piece of legislation.

For a joint committee, use U.S. Congress and the joint committee’s full name. For a conference committee, use only U.S. House or U.S. Senate and no committee name.

Since reports are issued by the committee, the committee name must be included in each citation, preceded by U.S. House or U.S. Senate. You need not include “Congress” in the hierarchical order since there is only one U.S. House or Senate. Use only the name of the main committee as the issuing agency, not the name of any subcommittee.

Committee reports may be issued in multiple parts or volumes. In addition, due to the size of a report, the online version of a report may be split into multiple sections. Be sure to provide complete information about multiple parts or volumes as well as the complete number of online section equivalents.

Creating accurate APSA House of Representatives Committee Report might be facilitated by using free citation machine, it requires followed elements:


  • Government;
  • Legistature;
  • House;
  • Committee;
  • Year;
  • Report title;
  • Number of Congress;
  • Session of Congress;
  • Report number.