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APSA House of Representatives Committee Hearing citation in APSA format

Any information that appears in your paper and that is not your own requires citation. This includes direct quotes, as well as paraphrases of information and general ideas. One easily implemented system is the American Political Science Association’s (APSA style) parenthetical citation system, in which source information is provided in the text in parentheses. Typically, the APSA citation generator required basic information includes the last name of the author(s), year of publication, and page number.

Like merchants, mechanics, and medical doctors, political scientists use specialized vocabularies and sophisticated methods to draw distinctions among, and to try to enhance their understanding of, the complex phenomena in which we are interested. These are double-edged swords. Just as they can help advance knowledge, they can foreclose communication among all but a small band of cognoscenti. APSA citation style is commonly used to cite sources like Senate Committee Hearing, House of Representatives Committee Report, Senate Committee Report, House of Representatives Floor Debate and others.

Government documents may be cited in the normal author-date form. However, many have corporate authors whose names are too long to write out each time in the text. In this case, include a short form or acronym in parentheses (or in brackets in parentheses) immediately after the first reference and use the acronym thereafter.

Considering creating proper APSA House of Representatives Committee Hearing citation within free citation machine it is required:

  • Government;
  • Legistature;
  • House;
  • Committee;
  • Subcommittee;
  • Year;
  • Hearing;
  • Number of congress;
  • Session of congress;
  • Exact date of hearing;
  • URL;
  • Exact date of access.