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APSA House of Representatives Floor Debate citation in APSA format

APSA citation style relies on an author-date system, and provides a pragmatic and simple way to reference publications in a variety of formats such sources as newspaper articles, websites, radio Show (Podcast), TV shows along with Senate Committee Report, House of Representatives Committee Report, Senate Committee Hearing and others. It concentrates on formats important to political science, with special attention given to documents produced within the United States government. APSA citation guide is based on  APSA Style Manual manual (2006) which asks writers to use the parenthetical documentation system in the Chicago Manual of Style (not the note system) for style documentation in political science writing. Parenthetical references within the text direct readers to the reference list.

Creating a reference for APSA House of Representatives Floor Debate could be confusing due to nature of government documents. Note that, Debates in Congress are written down and entered into the Congressional Record, often with other materials that congresspeople request be added in as well. It comes in two forms: the daily edition and the bound edition. You should indicate which version you’re citing. Note that the speaker’s name comes first. Add the state to reduce confusion. The Congressional Record is issued daily when Congress is in session. Each issue (sometimes printed in more than one part) consists of the sections bulleted below. The page numbers within each section begin with “1” on the first day of the Congress and continue numbering consecutively until the end of that Congress.

For each citation, include:

  • Speaker, if provided – the title “Representative” (use for speakers in pages beginning with H) or “Senator” (use for speakers with pages beginning with S) should be added to speaker’s name only if the speaker’s first name is not provided. In addition, identify the home state of the speaker, if it is provided. This can serve to distinguish speakers with the same last name (for example, Representative Smith (RI) and Representative Smith (MA). The state can be abbreviated or provided in its entirety.
  • Title – provided for each entry;
  • Congressional Record volume, issue, date, and page – all located in the header information for each record. Note that the page numbers can begin with H for House, S for Senate, or E for Extensions of Remarks;
  • Web service name;
  • Date accessed by the user.

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