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APSA conference citation in APSA format

The American Political Science Association uses a variation of the Chicago Manual of Style citation system. It concentrates on formats important to political science, with special attention given to documents produced within the United States government. It provides a pragmatic and simple way to reference publications in a variety of sources, for instance, lecture, Radio show, interactive map, data file. APSA citation style relies on an author-date system (as used in Chicago Style), and in APSA, parenthetical references within the text direct readers to the reference list. Note that the notes and bibliography system is not used in ASPA.

Following APSA citation style guidelines, the citation usually includes the author(s) last name, year of publication and the page number(s) in parentheses. The reference for an online APSA citation source contains more elements like the author’s name; publication date or its last review; document title; title of the entire paper; URL in angle brackets and date of access in parentheses.

APSA citation style features by two basic rules:

  • use parenthetical in-text citations for the sources you have referred to or cited;
  • provide a list of references at the end of your paper.

Conference papers – papers presented at conferences, seminars, symposiums etc. sometimes are compiled and published as proceedings. The reference details required when citing a published conference paper are similar to that of a book chapter but should also include the place and date of the conference.

Free citation machine provides APSA conference citation generator and require followed elements:

  • Author;
  • Author #2;
  • Publication year;
  • Title of paper;
  • Name of conference;
  • Location of conference;
  • URL;
  • Date of access.