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APSA chapter citation

Copyright law protects any original creation, and grants the holder of the copyright exclusive control over when, how, and by whom their work may be copied, distributed, or exhibited. This includes literary works, paintings, photographs, drawings, films, music (and its lyrics), choreography, sculptures and many other creative works. Proper referencing of any type of work used in your work will help you to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights.

Citations direct attention to the more detailed references, which provide complete source information. Include no reference that is not actually cited. Be careful to refer to the most recent edition of each work used.

APSA stands for the American Political Science Association. It is the citation style used by many political science scholars, and it is the style used in all APSA journals. APSA citation generator usually used for citing sources like Senate Committee hearing, House of representatives Committee hearing or Senate floor debate.

When you cite a source, you provide only a name and a year (and sometimes a page). One cannot find the original information merely from that information, one needs titles and publication information. However, including all of the important information in-text makes reading quite difficult. The compromise is the reference list. The reference list provides all necessary information about the source. As a result, a reader is able to follow your information trail from your statement back to your source to check your facts and your discrimination in selecting sources. This is the primary purpose of the citation and reference list system: It allows your readers to check the facts you use. According to APSA citation guide APSA chapter of a book suppose to list the name of the author of the chapter, last name first. The year of publication appears next, followed by the title of the chapter (in quotation marks) and the title of the book (in italics). The name of the editor of the book appears next, followed by the city and state of publication and the name of the publisher.

To simplify this process you may create the citation with free citation machine following the template:

  • Chapter author;
  • Year;
  • Chapter title;
  • Title of a book;
  • Editors of a book;
  • Publication city;
  • Publisher;
  • Page numbers;

The chapter title takes headline capitalization and quotation marks. Page numbers for the chapter cited are not necessary. If the author and the editor are the same person, repeat the name.