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APA periodical citation. Article from an online periodical with DOI

Creating a reference in APA style particularly citing an article from online periodical with DOI does not required special treatment. In core it contain the basic format just as you would cite with citation machine such sources like an article from journal, newspaper or online article. Basically online articles for follow the same guidelines as for printed APA periodical articles. Include all information the online host makes available, including an issue number. To create reference on online article from periodical with DOI (digital object identifier) within the APA citation generator collect followed elements:

  • The author’s name;
  • Date of publication;
  • Title of the article;
  • Title of online periodical;
  • Volume number;
  • Issue number (if applicable);
  • Information on source retrieved ( DOI ).

The DOI is like a digital fingerprint: Each article receives a unique one at birth, and it can be used to identify the article throughout its lifespan, no matter where it goes. Developed by a group of international publishers, the DOI System  provides a way to guarantee that digital copies of articles can remain accessible even if a journal changes its domain name or ceases publishing. DOIs are assigned and maintained by registration agencies such as CrossRef, which provides citation-linking services for scientific publishers. For further information you may consult the APA citation guide.