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APA Photograph no author citation for APA format

It is important to note that the guidelines available in the APA manual are relatively limited.  We have analysed  the guidelines closely, contacted the APA Style Editor and consulted the APA blog to provide the following guidance.

In this guide the word figure refers to all images including image from a book, image from a periodical, online photography, photography with unknown author, etc.

To post the image in your work it is recommended to consider size of the poster (commonly around 4 feet height by 6 feet wide, but smaller and larger as well). Consider actual and surrounding “white” space for each title, within panels and columns of text or figures/images, and in backgrounds for readability and clear viewing, as well. Note, poster content flow must be clear (generally top to bottom, left to right columns, but depends on content and artistic licence, and single- or multi-panel formats). Evaluate key pieces of information (introduction, body, and conclusions) and how and whether text or figures/images will be used to convey that information. Check font type and size consistent across panels and levels of headings (except for emphasis/contrast). Make sure that text is large enough to be read (20-48 point type (Arial or similar clear font)). Use 1-3 bold colours and avoid distracting patterned backgrounds to emphasize panels and figures/images, and highlight important text. Numbering of panels may be used if needed for clarification. For more information you may consult APA citation guide.

Although you may access a photo or image through Google Images, this is not where the photo is actually hosted. Before referencing the item within citation machine you must visit the actual website where the photograph is hosted in order to properly cite it. Many times, there will not be a title, date, or photographer, but gather as much information as possible. It is likely that any images or photographs you cite will be digital images; that is, you will be accessing the images online rather than film hard copies. To create proper citation for APA photograph no author within APA citation generator follow the template:

  • Year;
  • Title of the work;
  • Website address work retrieved;
  • Date.