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APA citation for APA Abstract

University life is the most crucial phase of your life. Yes, it is the most enjoyable phase, but there is a lot of work too. If you wish to get a degree and have no backlogs, you need to work hard and do well in the exams. Also, you need to write all your assignments and research papers for acquiring good marks. The most difficult yet important part of an assignment is a citation. Your lecturer must have prescribed a certain citation format. APA Citation is the most commonly used format for citing books and abstracts.

Students feel that they need to cite books and journals, but they also need to mention the abstracts that they use. It is basically summaries of long articles. American Psychological Association prescribes the students to use full-text sources, but there is a special format for APA citation abstract as well. Why do you have to take needless stress by following the entire format? You can use APA Citation abstract generator for giving accurate and quick credits to the sources.

Where is it used?

The APA citation abstract is not favorable as per American Psychological Association, but there is a format that you need to follow. It depends on the summaries, whether it has been taken from an online source or a printed source. It can be mentioned in the reference list of the research work.

The only difficult part is to write the full details of the summary that you are using. It is best to use full texts as per APA guidelines. It becomes a tedious job to mention all the details of the author, page number, article title and so on.

How to use APA Citation Abstract?

It is fairly simple to follow the format, but it becomes difficult to mention all the details. Firstly, you need to mention the last name of the author which is to be followed by a comma. Now add the initial alphabet of the first name of the author. For instance :

Marx, K.

Durkheim, E.

Weber, Max.

Dahrendorf, Ralf.

Now you need to write down the date of the publication in parenthesis. It should be followed by a period. For instance –




Next, you need to write the title of the article that you are referring to. As per the American Psychological Association, you need to write the primary letter of the title in capital letter. Proper nouns should be capitalized as well. For instance :

Capitalist mode of production

Society in Europe

You need to note that the text that you are citing is abstract and so, you need to mention it in brackets.

Useful Example –

Paterson, P. (2007). How well do offenders with Asperger Syndrome deal with the custody? : Two imprisonment case studies [Abstract]. British Record Journal of Learning Disabilities, 34(1), 56-58

If you are taking it from a journal article, you need to use the following format.

Ollendil, T.Y., King, N.K., & Muris, P. (2009). Fears in little children: Phenomenology, epidemiology, and etiology. Child Mental Health, 6, 99-107. Abstract retrieved from October 12, 2005, from PsycINFO 1888-Present data.

Make sure you are using the full title in exact same form. It is essential to follow the format as it is mentioned above. The professor might deduct marks for using the wrong format for APA citation abstract.

The Need for APA Abstract Citation Maker

If you have read the format, you will understand that it is not an easy job. You need APA In-text citation machine abstract to help you with generating the sources. It is impossible to trace down the exact name of the article, page number, writers and so on. Referencing is a very tedious job, and you cannot do it all by yourself. If you are in a hurry and you need accurate referencing, you use the APA Abstract Citation Maker for the same.

It will be a big relief for you because you will save a lot of time and you do not have trace down each and every detail. If you are using more than three abstract sources, it will be a difficult job for you to mention all of them by yourself. A citation generator APA will be a great help!

If you must know, there are many professionals and students, who are using this service and it has worked wonders for them. They can concentrate on the project rather than citing each and every abstract they have used in the text.

Why is Referencing imperative for your Research Project?

There is a special need for giving credits to the authors, who are writing the journals, articles, and books because they have spent a lot of time and energy to develop a certain theory or writing. You have to give them due to credits for the same.

From a reader’s perspective, they can track down the author or the article that you have used. A student might view your project, and they may take help from it. It improves the readability of the research paper. You need to acknowledge the works of the authors because they have spent a significant amount of time to write the piece.

All the universities recommend their students and scholars to write the citations, and APA format is one of the most popular styles. However, it becomes tough to follow the proper format. Students already have a lot of pressure to study for exams and complete projects. For APA reference, you should use the APA citation abstract generator. It will be free, accurate and fast. You do not have to make any extra efforts to find all the details because the machine will take care of it. Why should there be a pointless hassle? The machine will make your university life easy for you!