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Free citation maker for APA format

Are you finding it troublesome to acknowledge the information that you have used for your study? We are aware of your problem because citation can be difficult. Universities prescribe certain citation styles which are hard to follow. The APA style is one of the most frequently used styles which professors prescribe to their students.

College students have a lot of stress to deal with because there are endless assignments and they need to study for exams as well. They leave the most crucial works for the last minute. APA citation is not as easy and so, students panic because they do not understand the actual format.

You do not have to take stress because you can use APA Citation Generator to give credits to the authors and books that you have used as a reference. Let us take a look at the meaning, advantages and usage of APA Citations generator.

What is APA style Citation?

APA style is basically a writing style which is commonly used for academic journals or books. The style is described in the American Psychological Association. It is most commonly used for citing sources in education, social sciences and psychology. This style was developed more than eighty years ago and it is still relevant in many universities.

The APA is used in social sciences and health sciences. The author followed by the date is followed in this. It basically means that you need to mention the surname and the year of publication within the text.

For Example –

  • (Marx, 1970) or (Jones, 1998)

Why is Referencing Important?

Imagine yourself writing a book after you finish your post doctoral degree. You spend years to research about a particular subject such as capitalism in today’s world. 10 years later, a college student uses your writings and theories in his research paper and does not mention your name. It is a researcher’s responsibility to give due credits to the author, who has worked really hard to develop a theory.

The reader will be happy to know that you have cited the author’s name in your work. It improves readability and your work is appreciated by the reader.

The reader will want to know more about the theory and he/she will read about the author and the actual book that you referred to. It is very important to add bibliography and use APA citation.

How to use APA Citation Style?

There is a proper format that you need to follow. Let us take a look at few examples of APA style citation.

  • Finney, J. (1970). Time and again. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster
  • Marx, K., Engels, F., Moore, S., & McLellan, D. (1992). The Communist manifesto. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Weber, M., In Gerth, H., & In Mills, C. W. (1958). From Max Weber: Essays in sociology. New York: Oxford University Press.

Quick Notes for You –

  • When you are citing a book in APA, you need to write the complete title of the book. If there are subtitles, you need to write that as well. Some students get too lazy to write the name of the entire book. Your professor is really particular about this and so, just be careful and write the complete title.
  • The first letter should be in capital words. Proper nouns should be in capital words too.
  • In case there is more than one author, you need to place ‘&’ between the two names. In case there are more than five authors, you can use the last name of the first author and use et al for the remaining authors. It is not obligatory to write names of all the writers behind the work. The surname of main author will be sufficient in this case.
  • When you are citing an electronic book then you must use the following format –
  • Author, A.A. (Year of Publication). Title of the work [E-Reader Version]. Retrieved from http://xx or dui:xx

The right example of this would be –

  • Eggers, D. (2008). The circle [Kindle Version]. Retrieved from
  • When you are using a magazine, you need to use a different format.

Example – Trillin, C. (1994, February 17). Culture shopping. New Yorker, pp. 49-51.

Use APA Citation Generator to Reduce Project Related Stress

Why do you have to take needless stress to cite names of all the authors and the publication date? It can be handled with the help of free apa citation generator. You do not have to put any efforts because it is automatic.

The in-text apa citation generator is also used by qualified scholars and students to get accurate referencing. There is already a lot of pressure on a student to get great marks in exams and endless assignments. If you are getting a referencing service for free, you should grab it with both hands. It will minimize a lot of project related stress. Following the format is not an easy job! The apa cite machine can be very helpful for your project because it will generate accurate information and in the proper format.

If there is a machine like this, you do not have to fret about looking for the publication date, author surname and the name of the publication. You can save a lot of time by opting for an apa citation generator.

It is time to make a wise decision and concentrate on your exams. If you do not understand the format and you have not as much of time, you can use apa citation generator as that will save you from wasting a lot of time to understand the format. It might even confuse you for many hours! Many students have trust issues whether they should use a citation generator for their project or not. Will you lose marks? The answer is a big NO!  You can trust the machine because it is used by top professionals and students from all over the world. Referencing is the most central part of your project. It will fetch you more marks and so, use the citation generator and finish your project well in time.