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Create AMA citation for Free

In college studies, writing a research paper or case study without skipping any guideline or rule is the toughest task. Overall quality of the document will be decreased if you fail to include all the essential points. One of those important guidelines that can hamper your work is creating citations vainly. It provides comprehensiveness to research papers hence it is a must to include in your documents but only a few have mastered the skill. If you are also facing issues in imbibing the other sources effectively, then take the help of AMA citation generator.

Referring other’s quality work is the sole purpose of a citation. It makes your assignment engaging and understandable for readers. There are various styles to cite other’s work that should be implemented on the basis of your subject and professor’s guidelines. This task is hard to execute, even experts fail in correctly implementing the same. Hence, we have developed an online free AMA citation machine that makes this tiresome task easy and simple. Here, we are discussing all the citation styles with quality examples, read the article with utmost concentration if excelling in your college work is your dream.

There are various roles that citation perform which eventually make it the most important part of your assignment or paper. Check the importance of it-

  • It is the best way to prove your arguments or examples by mentioning the other published research.
  • It enhances the credibility and offers engagement to your documents.
  • Readers get all information within the papers hence, it becomes easy for them to read and evaluate the case or research.

Now, let’s have a glance on what different types are and how you can implement them in your work.

What is AMA Citation Style?

While creating a research paper, it is necessary to cite other resources that you consult during your research and afterward use them to support your ideas that you have mentioned in the paper. Failure to recognize the actual use of gathered ideas or information created by other writers is considered as plagiarism. This can create a serious problem for your research work. While using this style you have to include a list of references on a new page at the end of your paper with a heading “References”.

Below are the examples of using AMA style. In a case of any issue in creating it, use AMA citation maker to generate the reference in a correct format.


When it has single author-

Saver, Cynthia. Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses. Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau International; c2011:31-33.

When it has multiple authors

London ML, Ladewig PW, Ball JW, et al. Maternal & Child Nursing Care. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education; c2011:101-103.

Below are the examples of other formats that are implemented frequently-

  1. APA (American Psychological Association)- It is widely recommended style while crafting journals or books on social & behavioral sciences, education, and psychology..

Example- Dean, Cornelia. “Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet.” The New York Times, 22 May 2007, Accessed 12 May 2016.

  1. ACS (American Chemical Society)- The highly preferred format for writing assignments on chemistry.

Example– Langer, R. New Methods of Drug Delivery. Science 1990, 249, 1527-1533

  1. MLA (Modern Languages Association)- Journal publishers, scholars and, academic & commercial presses adopt this style for classroom instruction and research papers, specifically in Humanities.

Example– Langer, R. “New Methods of Drug Delivery.” Science 249.4976 (1990): 1527-33.

  1. MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association)- It is widely used for citing the Humanities and Arts’ assignments. Students should include it in the footnotes in order to help a reader in getting the details at the same instance rather than referring the bibliography.

Example– Nicholas S.R. Walliman, Your research project: A Step-by-Step Guide for first-time Researcher (London: SAGE, 2011), p.301

How to Use AMA Citation style?

Citing sources is only be deemed perfect and effective when you place them at a right position and in the exact format. With the advancement in studies, new edition of a citation will be released in a regular interval and students often struggle in creating them. There are two ways to cite sources that are in-text and bibliography. While creating an In-text format, students have to cite the sources at the footnotes/ endnotes whereas a separate page is created for crafting the bibliography.

Other difference between them is only important sources are used in-text format while in bibliography all the sources that you consult during the research should be composed at the end. However, the purpose of both is the same. If you are facing troubles to accurately craft the AMA format or bibliography, then take help of AMA style citation generator. It will assist you in including the sources in the correct format. It also helps you in finding the published sources whether they are available online or not.

Do note that inappropriate use of the same can lead to the plagiarism issue which won’t be accepted in any case. This tool generates after deeming all the issues that students face hence while citing sources through it you will never encounter a plagiarism problem.

  • Quotes, either a sentence or a phrase
  • Other’s theories and ideas without changing them
  • Paraphrases
  • Books, chapters, online articles, thesis and other publications
  • Statistics, Important Facts, and History
  • Informative images and graphs.

Guidelines to Write Bibliography

The bibliography must be written in the appropriate manner. For composing the same, following a below guideline without any error.

  • Take advice from your professor or teacher before implementing in your documents to know which the best-suited one is.
  • Don’t forget a “hanging indent” – aninitial line of the Bibliography should start at the margin, whereas subsequent lines are indented.
  • Don’t construct a separate section if the sources lack author

Now, as you are completely aware of the AMA citation style and know how to use it then employ the same professionally and effectively. This provides the best first impression and assists you to obtain good marks in your studies. AMA citation maker is the perfect tool to turn all your expectations into reality.