Not by hearsay, we know how tiring and boring it is to create a list of references for various academic papers =)
Especially, when every format has several interpretations and each of them requires differently structured and written citations.


We are just two usual students of the University, and we wanted to make students’ lives easier by creating this website. Just like all of you, we had to, and we still must write a lot of papers, so we know how infuriated someone can get in an attempt to cite his work. This process is boring, tedious, and annoying.


Once, we got the idea, to make such a website where you can automatically generate citations for every source and do it for free. After several months of work, we finally could launch this site. We continue to change and improve it constantly, but already now anyone can use it to create a list of references, and it will be for free. The idea of helping students and scholars from different parts of the world had inspired and gave us the strength to create this website. And we think that we reached this goal.


Now, instead of spending hours trying to compile a list of sources manually, anyone can do it quickly and easily. We have taken into consideration all the requirements and standards, all possible formats, allowing you to make the most accurate list of references.


We are not asking money for our work, but we hope that you will support us. To do it you can simply share this service with your friends and like our platform so that other students could find out about what we do. If you have any questions or suggestions about this site, please let us know by sending a letter to our


email: [email protected].


We are confident that together with you, we can make our website perfect and help millions of students!