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Ieee reference format

IEEE citation style stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers style. It originated from a well-known Chicago citing style. It is applied for papers connected with computer sciences or other technical branches. It is compulsory to follow the rules of IEEE format if you intend to obtain the accuracy and flawlessness in your citations. Here the numbers at the end of the sentence cite your references. The number is included in square brackets on the contrary to other styles where the authors’ name is provided in the text. All the figures given within the text correspond to a numbered reference at the end of your academic paper to clarify which source is related to which part of your work.
The complete IEEE bibliography should comprise all the cited sources to ease the readers a possibility to see the exact information, theory or invention that was given in the text. All the references are to be numbered and put within the text in consequence they are made in the text.
There are 3 main characteristics of IEEE format:

  • First comes the author’s name and then the surname.
  • The article’s title is in quotation marks.
  • Book’s or journal’s title in italicized.

Different IEEE styles are applied to different sources. For example, a book is quoted differently to a journal or a website in the reference list.
These conventions help the readers to distinguish different types of cited sources at the first glance.
There is a special guide that can explain you how to place periods, colon, commas, page numbers correctly. But if you prefer not to bother yourself with all these details, you can take an advantage of our IEEE format maker that can generate quality quotations in a few seconds. King citation generator will built your references by a click. Just find an article, book or website you need to cite, set it to the necessary format and everything will be generated automatically.
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With our IEEE format maker you can save your time. Many researchers and authors have already tried this innovative tool to increase the efficiency of their work. Do not forget how important citations are to guide the readers to other publications to support your study. Create a professional bibliography thanks to our online citation machine!