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CSE/CBE citation style

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) style was formally known as the Council of Biology Editors (CBE) format. It is a standard quotation style applied in many physical and life sciences disciplines. CSE provides three systems of citing:

  •  Name-Year
  • Citation-Name
  • Citation-Sequence

All of them have three parts: a reference list and in-text citations. A reference list goes at the research paper’s end providing all the information as to the sources used in the work. Citations in the text points to the reader what source supports the idea or theory expressed in the paper.
The systems are different in the ways of building in-text citations and organizing a reference list.
In the Name-Year system the sources are listed alphabetically in a reference list without any numbers. In text, you quote the source using the author’s surname and the publication’s year in parentheses. For example: The image was later changed (Jones 2010).
In the Citation-Name system you number the sources alphabetically by the author’s surname in a reference list. In-text quotation deals with the first source of your list. (e.g. The Business centre was founded in 1996 1).
In the Citation-Sequence system you give numbers to the sources in order they were in the text. So the first quotation appeared in the text comes the first in the list.

Before writing an academic paper, determine the system preferred in your educational establishment or by your professor. For a journal article, specify the journals instructions to the writers. You can also use a guide book ‘The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors and Publishers’.

CBE citing from

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