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Chicago citation style

The Chicago citation is applied for scholarly writing in the Humanities. This style was introduced by Chicago Press University for citing sources in research papers and it is widely accepted as a footnote format, as the Politics Department has established it for footnotes in academic papers. You may note some similarity with Turabian citation generator, it’s because the last one was born by Chicago style.

The Chicago citations have two possible variants, the reference in the format author-date and the standard format of bibliography:

  • The author-date type is mainly used in disciplines like social sciences and natural sciences.
  • The bibliography type is applied to subjects like literature, arts and history.

In general, these two styles have the same content but has a slight difference in form. So you should clarify the requirements for your particular research paper before using one of them.

This style gives the possibility to researchers to denote and differentiate various classical, archival, scriptural and other historical sources thoroughly and accurately, alongside representing the number of multimedia and other electronic sources of publication.

Nevertheless, a special tool can help you in building citation list of quotations, footnotes or bibliographies. It is a free Chicago citation maker, presented on our citation machine. Why not give this style

Why not give this style citation maker a try? Save yourself the bother of formatting and receive the job done in seconds with our style machine. Just type or import the quotation information, select the necessary style and the program will generate the quotation for you.