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APA citation for APA Abstract

Sources of information cited in the text of a research paper must be listed at the end of the paper in a Reference list. The Reference list provides the information necessary to identify each source that specifically supports your research, to facilitate this process use the free citation machine.

APA referencing style commonly used to cite sources like online bibliography, edited books or articles from journal, basic references are composed of elements: author, date, title, publication information, and Internet access information. Each element is followed by a period. A period also goes after all abbreviations or initials, and commas between items in a series. The reference list is arranged in alphabetical order by lead author’s last name. Note, only first and middle initials are used in the author’s name. The given names of authors do not used. Also, titles are written in sentence-case, which means only the first word and proper nouns in the title are capitalized. For further information consult APA citation guidelines.

Abstracts are short summaries of longer articles. Although the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) states that it is preferable to use full-text sources as references, it does provide style guidelines for the citation of abstracts as sources. The exact format of your citation will depend on whether you are citing an abstract that appears in print or one that you accessed online. To create proper APA abstract citation via APA citation generator it is necessary to obtain followed information:

  • Author’s name;
  • Date of publication;
  • Title of the abstract;
  • Pages used;
  • Title of online periodical;
  • Volume number.