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Create AMA citation for Free

Created by the American Medical Association, this citation format is rather specific and is primarily accepted for medical sciences papers. It refers to the style described in the textbook “AMA Manual of Style”, which was published first by the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ (JAMA) 40 years ago.
AMA gives a chance to academic writers to inform about other authors’ contribution or support of a theory or finding made in this paper. AMA is often used, but it has several variations depending on the university and publication.
AMA referencing requires two parts – references and citations. The citation is given within the text, while the references are in the reference list at the paper’s end. These two parts are connected by a number corresponding the order of the appearance in the text.

For an intext quotation, you should put a figure in superscript where the source is relevant.

Usually, a citation is given with a quote or at the sentence’s end. The chronological order should be followed within the whole work.
These figures in the text guide the readers search for the references in the bibliography. The figures should be obligatory present in a reference list.
The presentation and organizing of quotations is the same, notwithstanding the information type. The referencing lines shouldn’t be indented on the subsequent lines.
As a medical journal can have several authors in an article, you should present only three of them with the term ‘et al.’ Provide only the surname and initials in the reference.
Various source types demand various information, which will ease the process of finding original source for the reader. Therefore, there are several variants of AMA citing. For example, a book quotation is presented differently to a website quote. There are no in-text quotations or footnotes in website references.
If you are a medical researcher that needs to create your academic referencing in the AMA style, you are at the right place. If you have read all the specifics of the format above and find all these guidelines difficult for you, then give our online AMA format generator a try. citation maker can be called the son of a famous citation machine. With our quotations builder, your citations will be made quickly, accurately and hassle free. Cite your references via our citation creator automatically and without any troubles!